The Democratic Alliance is trying to pressure the government into devolving, or rather, to delegating, certain powers to the Western Cape Provincial Government, namely Policing and Railways.

When political parties and supportive political lobby groups, pursue a goal based solely on a political party’s “own agenda”, entirely without recognising the will of their own supporters, the danger of the entire populace being lead down a path of no return, to a place they don’t want to be, is immense.

In numerous articles, interviews and debates, including at National level, the DA is on record of requesting that certain responsibilities, such as policing and railways, be transferred to the control of Provincial instead of National government.


On the face of it, a sound idea, and one that an unsuspecting public would undoubtedly welcome “without question”, especially in the lead up to the 2024 elections where the DA will hope to claim a victory over the ANC and its allies.

Without question” is exactly the problem, and where the danger lies of falling into an ANC trap.

With good reason, very few people believe that the ANC will ever agree to devolving any of its power, and if they do, nothing could stop them from taking back control at any time and as they see fit.

I refer to an article in the Mail & Guardian two weeks ago by Phil Craig of the CIAG, a powerful political lobby Group, to underline this very point as follows:

“In September 2021, when the devolution of policing was debated in the National Council of Provinces, Police Minister Bheki Cele was adamant that not only were police powers not going to be devolved, but that even the existing devolved powers were going to be reduced.”

One wonders why the DA, with the help of Afriforum, intend to continue fighting to receive some devolution of power from the National government, despite the clear rejection of their plea by the ANC so far.

One could suspect that a political strategy is being played out by the Democratic Alliance leading up to the 2024 elections, as follows.

In fighting for an apparent “noble cause” on behalf of the people of the Western Cape, in a David and Goliath type of scenario, by striving for control of Policing and the local Railways, their intention is likely simply to be to re-gain lost support from an unquestioning, unsuspecting and disillusioned public, regardless of likely failure!


The ANC may well decide to grant some devolution of power to the Western Cape after all.

Thereby, the TRAP would have been set to outsmart the DA, and Afriforum for that matter, by manouevring both the people of the Western Cape and the DA itself, into a position of complete dependence on the ANC.

For, if the ANC controls the economy, taxes and budget allocations to the provinces, it is highly likely that they will continue to make sure that the Western Cape remains underfunded, or be forced to do so anyway, as the State is already bankrupt.

This will force the DA to further increase local taxes to unbearable levels, in order to adequately fund the additional responsibilities, they so “bravely” fought for, and which were so “graciously” given by the ANC. This would in turn further stifle any chance for economic survival of the Western Cape.

The TRAP then slams shut, and the consequences are obvious. Unemployment, Poverty and rampant crime will therefore increase, and swallow vast and unaffordable amounts of money, leaving the Western Cape begging the national government for a lifeline year after year, as more and more unemployed are sent from the Eastern Cape by the ANC and the EFF, to totally overpower the capacity of the Western Cape to cope with the influx.

The ultimate demise of the DA in the Western Cape would then become unavoidable, and the dream of a prosperous and peaceful Western Cape, for all its people, will be put to rest forever.


Undoubtedly therefore, the “Sovereign Independence” of the Western Cape remains the only realistic, feasible and sustainable solution for economic survival, recovery and unprecedented economic growth.

Secure and internationally recognised borders will stabilise the region and ensure full control of its own destiny to begin building a modern, prosperous and secure future for all its people, so richly deserved.


Logically, yet seemingly paradoxically to some, the very best thing that could happen to the rest of South Africa, would be a strong, friendly and vibrant neighbour, trading partner and magnet for foreign investment, tourism and hub of cutting edge medical, education and technological advancement, right on its doorstep.


Self-determination, as provided for in the constitution under article 235, is indeed the issue of the year in the Western Cape, but far more importantly, the DA needs to switch its ambitions from “Devolution of Power” to “Sovereign Independence” very soon!

Interestingly, and highly significantly, CapeXit NPO already has signed and verifiable mandates from more than 824.342 people, approximately 25.000 more people than those who voted in the recent local government elections for the DA in the Western Cape, with the number growing daily.

All these registered mandates specifically support “Sovereign Independence”, as opposed to “Devolution of Power”

Further reading on the mission and vision of Capexit, a registered non-profit organisation, and by far the largest Civic Movement for Independence, the future of an independent Western Cape, and how Independence can successfully flourish, can be found on the website , as can registration in support of a referendum on Western Cape Independence, be completed. CapeXit is not a political party!