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Road to Independence

This document is written by ordinary people who share a common concern with the reader, unless the reader is very far removed from the current situation in South Africa (RSA). The problem with most of the previously mentioned captains of industry and politics is a rather simple one – they forgot about the ordinary man in the street.

by Des Palm

Road to Independence - Addendum Aug 2023

This document is an addendum to the “Road to Independence”. It points out the arguments for secession without the need for a referendum.

by Des Palm

Road to Independence - Part V Nov 2023

This document is an addendum to the “Road to Independence”. It discusses Governance – From Canton to Head of State

by Des Palm

Road to Independence - Part VI Nov 2023

This document is an addendum to the “Road to Independence”. It discusses pro-independence organisations and political parties

by Des Palm

Road to Independence - Part VII Nov 2023

This document is an addendum to the “Road to Independence”. It discusses the TEAL system.

by Des Palm

Economic Feasibility Study for an Independent Western Cape

The current ‘democratic’ South Africa is one where rape has classifications, where murderers get bail, where the accused has more rights than the victim, where unemployment and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) is a household name. The State-owned Enterprises (SOE’s) like SAA, Eskom and others, are a bottomless pit of debt and a smoke screen for State Capture, land grabs are promised without compensation and questionable people are employed in important positions in Government.

Teal Tech: Total Economic Activity Levy

TEAL: Total Economic Activity Levy

A dynamic new tax system that will change the lives of everyone forever. This document is an attempt to extrapolate the essentials of the Total Economic
Activity Levy (TEAL) dealt with in the late Bob Shambrook’s lengthier and more
socially aware book on TEAL.

by Bob Shambrook

Minority Rights: Education, Culture and Language

The problem of accommodating and protecting ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities in a democratic state dominated the lengthy constitutional negotiations that preceded the enactment of the interim Constitution. The same is true of the Constitutional Assembly drafting process, where agreement on issues such as the official language policy and state-funded education in minority languages eluded the participants until almost the very last minute.

by Ian Currie

South African minorities' right to self-determination

This presentation is loosely based on my LLM dissertation titled “Contemporary issues in the law of secession and external self-determination beyond decolonisation and dissolution” which was submitted for an LLM degree at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. As the title suggests, the focus is particularly placed on external self-determination.


by Marieke Roos

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