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The South African Rand has hit a RECORD ALL-TIME low against the US Dollar, and we must act now. 

The Western Cape is in a precarious situation, following the recent news of South Africa’s potential involvement in the Ukraine conflict. The US ambassador’s latest comments linking South Africa to supplying arms and ammunition to Russia when a Russian ship docked in Simon’s Town in December has resulted in the sharp depreciation of the South African Rand against the US Dollar and British Pound in the last 24 hours. This has not only raised concerns about South Africa’s international relations but also its economic stability. The South African presidency’s lack of action on this matter is concerning. If the government led by the ANC took this matter seriously, as would any other government in the world under such an accusation, this would have been resolved in January already. As a region that has never voted for the ANC-led government since 1994, the Western Cape now faces the possibility of being subject to US sanctions and the threat of the AGOA agreement not being renewed, thanks to the ANC government. The sharp fall of the Rand will put more pressure on the Western Cape’s economy, while Stage 6 load shedding keeps knocking beating our economy down even further with no end in sight.

If you think this will blow over in a week on the next news cycle, think again. The US is not going to take this lying down, and the last thing South Africa needs right now is to lose favour with any international trade partners. The Western Cape thrives on tourism, and imagine that is crippled by bad press and sanctions. We must never allow this to happen to the Western Cape and dissociate from this out of control government as soon as possible.

It is time for the Western Cape to take matters into its own hands and pursue independence. CapeXit and other independence groups like CIAG (The Cape Independence Advocacy Group) are leading the way in promoting independence for the Western Cape. We have created an online platform at capexit.org where individuals can register their support for independence, as well as find all the information they need and questions answered on Cape Independence.

The need for independence has become even more urgent in light of these events. The South African government’s actions, both recently and over the past 29 years, have put the Western Cape in a vulnerable position, and the only way to ensure the region’s prosperity and security is through independence. The TEAL tax system proposed by CapeXit is a viable option for replacing the current tax system and increasing revenue for the region, ensuring prosperity for all its people.

Moreover, history has shown that secession can be peaceful and successful. Belgium and the Netherlands are examples of regions that have gained independence and achieved economic and political stability. You can read more about other nations that have done this on our website at www.capexit.org. The Western Cape can also follow in their footsteps and create a prosperous and independent future for its people. It’s our right, it’s written in the South African Constitution and in international law.

It is time now to make your voice heard and register your support for independence at capexit.org. The more people that support the cause, the stronger the message will be to the South African government and the international community that we have our own voice and want to be heard. The Western Cape deserves the opportunity to control its own destiny and pursue its own path towards prosperity and progress.

We urge you to forward this email to your contact list, share on your social media, and talk to your family, friends and colleagues. Send them to our website to learn about Cape Independence. If you are a Western Cape registered voter, we need you now more than ever to step up and help us reach our goal of 1.6 Million registered supporters and put pressure on the Western Cape Government to call for a referendum. We’re already more than halfway there with 832 806 registered supporters. Show the international community that we are not going to be held back by the ANC-led government’s bad decisions.

Do it right now. Own your future. 

CapeXit Exco

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