Investing in the future of energy

CapeNRG is an innovative renewable energy solutions provider.

We provide alternative solutions ranging from small household solutions, to large scale commercial power solutions.

Our commercial power solutions are a clean alternative to solar, wind, hyrdo and any other power solution you may have heard of before.

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About Us

CapeNRG is an innovative renewable energy solutions provider. We are a CapeXit NPO initiative and believe that the energy crisis we currently face can be solved by creating power independence for the people.

We offer a unique investment solution where we install a turn-key 24/7 alternative energy system specifically tailored to your company’s needs.

We are confident that we are the only company in Africa that can supply this kind of energy and our prices cannot be beaten.

We can supply any industry

Our energy solutions fit anywhere, starting from 300 to 5000 Watt for households and up to 1 MegaWatt modules for commercial use

Our Process for 135 kW and higher

1. Exploration

Submit 12 months of electricity bills. Our team will create a non-binding proposal, detailing your rental agreement.

2. Evaluation

Once you've agreed to the proposal, we will arrange a site visit to your premises to confirm all the technical requirements.

3. Agreement

We finalise your Lease Agreement and with the owner's signature, the process can begin.

4. Development and Installation

A turnkey, plug & play module will be installed at your premises using our qualified, efficient installation team.

5. Management

We take care of everything from the performance, monitoring and monthly maintenance.

Lease Agreements

CapeNRG can assist you, whether you’re a hotel, shopping mall, private estate or an industrial park, we will be happy to assist.

Our lease agreements for our large scale solutions can only be entered into by the premises owner.

Our power solutions are modular and require minimum space.

A lease agreement will be entered into between you and CapeNRG. Working on the basis of a rental, the ownership, management and maintenance remain the responsibility of CapeNRG and our partners for the duration of the agreement.

We provide capped RAs for 10 or 15 year plans as well as a Rent To Own option.

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Why Choose Us

competitive advantage

Give yourself a unique competitive advantage with our alternative power solutions


Massive savings on your electricity bill means extra cash to grow your business or your bottom line

Reduce Co2

A reduced carbon footprint provides a unique marketing opportunity

Lease Options

We provide leasing options that allow for piece of mind, maintenance free and fully insured solutions

Africa License

CapeNRG is committed to introduce affordable, eco energy to the people in Africa for Africa. There are 4 licenses available per country on offer.

– Only 4 licenses per country, which may not be utilised as a franchise/sub-lease

– A rigorous vetting process will be followed before awarding of any licenses

– Each license will be valid for a period of 10 years


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Forget what you know about energy!

Our solution is FREE from Solar, Wind, Hydro, Battery or generators that run on fossil fuels or any energy solution you’ve ever seen. CapeNRG provides a revolutionary clean, easy to install, low footprint, alternative clean energy that will give you savings beyond any solution currently on the market.